Release the Horses!

‘Release the Horses!’ is the newest Howrse contest!

In this contest, there are different horses that you have to release–as the name would suggest.  Basically you’ve got to click the horse every certain amount of hours, which will earn you one point.

But your friends can also click your horse(s) for you if you ask for help!  Just go to the contest page and find the button below the picture of the horse that says ‘Friends’.  You can then click a different button that should let you ask for help from your friends.  And there should be a list of your friends who are also asking for clicks–so it’d be nice if you could click their horses for them too. 😉

Once you get a certain amount of points, you’ll get a key and be able to set the horse free so that you can ‘unlock’ a different horse.

Locked horse.

Released horse.

You get prizes for each horse that you free.

There are also Objectives that you have to complete so that you can do stuff like be able to click your horse sooner or be able to ask for even more help from friends.

The more horses that you release, the harder it gets to release them!  You will have to click each horse more times than you had to with the last one–but I think that the prizes get better.  🙂


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I mostly draw and write, but also have a love for music. A few of my favorite pastimes are creating characters, role-playing and theorizing over shows/games/books.

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