Howrse – I’m Back!

Hello there, Howrsing world!

My last post on this blog was back on May 25th, 2013. I’m sorry…. Sorry.

So it’s been awhile. A long, long, long while. And I can explain, honestly I can. I used to be an avid Howrse player. I new every little detail about everything, had the pages memorized front to back, was the first to read the news, gave out gifts all the time, collected great horses/ponies/donkeys–you get my gist. But after about three years of that… Well, I grew bored. I didn’t want to grow tired, but I did. The only thing keeping my on the ‘site was a couple of internet friends who I’d grown really close with–but when we started to e-mail I just dumped it entirely.

Also my art got in the way. I started to practice my art, and started posting my writing/art on dA instead of my Equestrian Center’s forums! Actually, I’m insanely active on DeviantART so if you want to pop by over there, I’d recommend it. (I’m authorjack.) Don’t be afraid to message me! I love to chat, or role-play. And I’m generally open for art trades and whatnot. For an example of what I’m talking about:

But moooving on. My best friend and I were on a sleepover, staying up super late, laughing over random stuff and typical sleepover-nonsense, when we remembered Howrse. So out of nostalgia we created new accounts, so we could start afresh on there. I used to be splithoof, but now I’m Shining Lake. And so far I AM staying active, and so is she! (She’s CottonCandyKat1, and she makes free layouts so maybe give her a glance.)

Now, I can’t promise that I will bring this blog completely back to life. I might, but truth be told I just don’t invest as much time or effort into Howrse anymore. I try to get on everyday and keep up with things, but I’m not positive that Howrsing Around will start back up again. Not fully, anyways. I do still work on my blog Thegirlnamedjack, which is my personal blog that I’ve had since I was… Ten? There are some EMBARRASSING old posts on there. Just… Only look at the newer ones.

But annnnyways, I can promise one or two blog posts coming! I’ll try to keep this place relatively active, especially since I feel that there needs to be a good, simple-to-understand Howrse blog out there. Which is another small reason why I don’t think this place will fully take flight again–is because I don’t think I’m worthy to do that. Not anymore, anyways.

But until next time, bye!


Diamond Apples in the Sales!

Bewitched Pumpkin Diamond Apple CollageHowrse came out with a few new features in the month of April, and they are certainly worth your time if you’re a Diamond Apple or Bewitched Pumpkin collector!  The updates consisted of more than just this, and you can read about the other new features of April by clicking here. 

In this post, however, we will be focusing on only two of the newest updates.

There are now Bewitched Pumpkin and Diamond Apple Searches in the Sales!  This means that when you are searching for a Diamond Apple or a Bewitched Pumpkin to buy, instead of having to search all over the Sales, you can just look them up!  

First, hover over the tab that says ‘Breeding’, (at the top left of any Howrse page) until you see something that says ‘Sales’.  Click the ‘Sales’ button.

Once you are at the Sales, find a button to the right of the page that saysMore Criteria,

Click it, and it will drop down so that you can see other options to help you search for specific horses and ponies.

Still at the Right of the page, (underneath the button that says ‘More Criteria’), you will see this:  Tab ThingyThe Diamond Apple icon is right next to Bewitched Pumpkin icon.  You can click either one to search for horses and ponies of only that kind–or you can click both.


Basic Howrse Care Tutorial

Please watch in HD, it is much better that way! 😉

This was fun to make, and it’s a lot easier (or at least quicker) for me to explain stuff in a tutorial video, than if I had written a blog post. Because I can now record my screen, I will probably keep up with my Howrse blog a lot better now.


Release the Horses!

‘Release the Horses!’ is the newest Howrse contest!

In this contest, there are different horses that you have to release–as the name would suggest.  Basically you’ve got to click the horse every certain amount of hours, which will earn you one point.

But your friends can also click your horse(s) for you if you ask for help!  Just go to the contest page and find the button below the picture of the horse that says ‘Friends’.  You can then click a different button that should let you ask for help from your friends.  And there should be a list of your friends who are also asking for clicks–so it’d be nice if you could click their horses for them too. 😉

Once you get a certain amount of points, you’ll get a key and be able to set the horse free so that you can ‘unlock’ a different horse.

Locked horse.

Released horse.

You get prizes for each horse that you free.

There are also Objectives that you have to complete so that you can do stuff like be able to click your horse sooner or be able to ask for even more help from friends.

The more horses that you release, the harder it gets to release them!  You will have to click each horse more times than you had to with the last one–but I think that the prizes get better.  🙂


The mystery horse for the Wandering Horses contest has been revealed!

And it’s…


Antarctico is simple enough to get, and his prize is, although common, quite valuable.

To get Antarctico you just have to give apples to horses/ponies that you like.  So just go stock up on a bunch of apples and feed them to other horses players if you don’t already have a bunch of apples.  They’re cheap enough to buy.

As for the prize–it’s a Fertility Wand!  Yes, I know.

A Fertility Wand, really?

Yes, really.  But Fertility Wands are good.

You know that thing where you try to breed horses with super high Genetic Potential and skills?  And how it takes sooo long to get a bunch of good horses like that?  Well with the Fertility Wand, your horse will produce twins. 🙂  (It will only work once per Fertility Wand).



Wandering Horses

The newest Howrse contest (lasting from until 23rd January 2013 05:00) is called the ‘Wandering Horses’.

It’s simple enough–actually, I think that it has been made much easier for the younger players.  But is still hard for the older players.

This Wandering Horse contest is ocean themed, whereas the last Wandering Horse contest was ancient Greece themed.

For instance, here’s a horse from the last Wandering Horse contest.

Aphrodite. (Aphrodite is a wandering horse that went from player to player offering a gift.)

Now here is one of the horses from the current Wandering Horses contest.

Caraïbiana.  (Caraïbianais a Wandering Horse that is going from one player to another and that offers: Harmony Pack)

Each Wandering Horse has an Objective that you must complete before you can get it and whatever gift that it is offering.  For some horses the gift is better than others–but each Wandering Horse will stay with you for five days if you complete its Objective.  During its stay with you, you can do riding lessons with it, enter it in competitions and take care of it.  However you cannot breed it.

There is a mystery Wandering Horse that will be revealed in two days and thirteen hours!  (At the time of me writing this).  I don’t know what the mystery horse looks like or what gift it will have to offer–but if it’s a mystery, it’s probably something good! 🙂

There is also a Wandering Horse named Pacifico and to get him you have to get all of the other Wandering Horses.  (There are six Wandering Horses, without counting Pacifico).  The gift that comes with Pacifico is a good one however…

It’s Zephyrus, the Divine horse!

I will be making a post about the mystery horse, when that comes out.  So drop on by three days from now to read about it!



Merry Christmas, Howrsers!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Can you all believe that Christmas is just five days away?

And to celebrate… is holding a Christmas contest called the ‘The Magic Ride‘!

It’s a pretty exciting contest so far, you just click to flip a switch every few hours or so and it lets you move your piece a few spaces on the game board!  Okay, so flipping a switch isn’t very fun, well that’s not the exciting part.  The exciting part is that you can collect presents like these.    Once you find them, they go underneath your Christmas tree and can only be opened on December 25th–Christmas!

And if you get all 25 keys that are scattered over the different boards, you can open the ‘Wind Gate’ and get…

Eurus the Wind Divine!

Yup, there’s a new Divine on Howrse and he’s got a very stormy attitude.

One more thing.  The Howrse staff have been kind enough to present us with a Christmas carol, sung by a choir of specially chosen singers…

The New Kaimanawa Wild Horse!

Please welcome the arrival of the new…

Kaimanawa Wild Horse!  The Kaimanawa Wild Horse has just arrived on Howrse a few days ago,–>

As you can see from reading the message in the picture above, the new Kaimanawa Wild Horse is no longer in the Reserved Sales.

But perhaps you could ask somebody who has one if you could buy it from them.  Although–if they had to buy it for 12 passes; they will not be willing to just sell it to you for cheap.  So even if it probably won’t work, you could try a trade with them; like if you have a divine horse that you don’t really want–you could say, “I will give you my Divine horse named _____ if you give me your Kaimanawa Wild Horse.”

Then they might ask you how do they know that they can trust you not to scam them if they give you their horse first.  So make sure that you know this person very well–maybe you might even know them from real life, and make sure that they know you are a trustworthy player too, before trading with them! 😉

The Wild Horse Lottery

Guess what fellow Howrsers–the Lottery is back on!  (Yes!)

In case you weren’t around for the previous time the Lottery was on Howrse, I’ll explain!  😉

This is a Ticket for the Lottery.

“The Lottery”, is one of the contests held on Howrse every so often.  It’s exactly what it sounds like; a lottery!  You can buy Tickets, and each Ticket wins you something!  And not just equus or the occasional Bonus–good stuff, I mean, with this contest you could strike it rich!  Here’s the list of items that you can win with your Tickets!See, what I tell you; good stuff! 🙂  And that’s not all the stuff that you could win!  You could also win a–

Hermes Winged Staff: Hermes’s Winged Staff allows you to acquire any item on the Black Market, regardless of how many passes it is worth.

Or a–>

Or even a Wild Horse!!! :O  Oh that’s right; I haven’t told you the best part of this Lottery!  😛

This time around in the Lottery, you could when a Wild Horse!  They will have a certain breed of Wild Horse up that you could win for a certain amount of time, than a new breed comes up that you could win when that ones time is up!  Wild Horses are horses such as these–Each one comes with the background that you see behind it!  Pretty cool, right?

Every time you buy a Ticket, the price doubles.  So the starting price for a Ticket is 100 equus, but the more Tickets you buy, the more equus (money) it costs!  But, your friends can send you Tickets!  Or if you want to send a Ticket to a friend, it will cost you 100 equus.

If you don’t have very many equus, than here’s a handy trick to earn you some Tickets!


So, it’s always good to give a friendly shout out on your page if you ever need something!  But it works best if you include a bribe, such as giving them an Aging Point in return, or Congratulating them.  Or even just giving an apple to one of their favorite horses or ponies could work! 😉

When someone sends you a Ticket, you can tell by looking at your Lottery Tickets that you’ve bought for the next draw and there will be one with the persons name on it.  You should be able to click the name and go to the persons page.  But if you don’t regularly check your Lottery Tickets to see if you’ve been sent one, you might never know and than when the person who sent you a Ticket doesn’t get anything in return, they will most likely think that you’ve scammed them!  So when asking for Tickets, also include that if they send you one, for them to please PM (Private message) you about it!

Then, there is one more thing about asking for Tickets; just because they sent you a PM saying that they did, doesn’t mean that they really did–so always go check your Tickets to see if there is one with their name on it before giving them whatever you have promised in return! 🙂

Oh, and since only friends can send you Tickets, it’s good to have lots of friends; and since some people don’t read all the way to the bottom of somebodies page, put your notice that you need Tickets up at the top of your page.

H.T.H.H.H!  (Hope This Helped and Happy Howrseing!)



A brand new Divine horse has come to Howrse for the “Companion Journey Contest!”  It’s name is–Neptune!  Here is a screenshot of Ow’s Neptune.

Pretty isn’t he? Neptune is part of the Solar system horses. You can take him for rides around Pluto to increase his skills.
Neptune earns you 3 diamonds every 10 days you log in.


Ok, that’s all for today! 😉